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Licensed health care providers and certified “complementary & alternative modality (CAM)” practitioners who verify their status with us can receive access to our extensive range of professional products and services.

  • Our standard blends are reliably effective and appropriate for a broad range of patients, providing a “go-to” option for many common issues.
  • Professional clients can choose among hundreds of herbal extracts in stock to create formulas tailored to individual patients’ needs.
  • GreenStar Herbs can provide your dispensary with your own, unique formulas.
    • Dispensary blends are available in 16, 32, and 64 oz size options.

Custom Formulations

Our custom formulation service offers several advantages:

  • You specify exactly what is in the formula.
  • Formulas can be modified at refill to align with your patient’s progress.
  • Secondary blends can be designed to address specific or intermittent issues.
  • Dispensary blends can be designed to your specifications.

Formulation Advisory Services are available as follows:

  • 15 minute – Complimentary
  • 60 minute – $95
  • 30 minute – $50

Professional Application

Please email us at office@greenstarherbs.com to request the application.

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