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Trina Shore Sims, founder & president

Mrs. Sims has been involved in herbalism her entire life and for over 40 years has used her skills to help others. She a recognized expert in extraction techniques and custom formulation.

Trina is a Professional Member of the American Botanical Council and is a Certified Herbal Information Specialist II. She also holds memberships in the American Herbalists Guild and the Herb Research Foundation. Trina was elected first President of the Texas Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild. She was also invited to be the first Associate Member of the Texas Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

She serves as a consultant to many health professionals and individuals and lectures extensively including appearances at the Academy of Oriental Medicine, Advanced Holistic Healing Arts, The Herb Bar in Austin TX, and other engagements. National and regional publications have featured her in numerous articles. Under her supervision, GreenStar Herbs hosts formulatory-practice interns from naturopathic colleges and other training institutions.

She has appeared as an on-camera expert in many videos, served as an advisor to the Kerrville Folk Festival Permaculture Crew, to Fusion Productions Film & Video series “Hot on the Trail,” and to other television productions as well.

Her work is dedicated to helping others reach their health goals.

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kat-professional.jpgKat Hoover, Formulatory Supervisor

Kat joined GreenStar Herbs in 2013 as an apprentice and quickly became an integral member of the GreenStar family. Nutrition, health and well-being have been the focus of her interests from an early age. She started pursuing a career in nursing but decided that western medicine just wasn’t the path she should follow. Kat’s particular area of study as an herbalist is the health of women and children, with specialized education from Dr. Aviva Romm in women’s health. She is a mother and a cat-lover. She has an eclectic taste in music and enjoys yoga.  She is available to answer your questions and help you achieve your best well-being through herbs.





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